Teaching achievements and activities


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Tama Art UniversityFaculty of Art and Design
Department of Product and Textile DesignTextile Design Course
Short CV
Undergraduate education: university / department / major
  1. Tama Art University・Faculty of Fine Arts
    ・Type of school
    ・Date of graduation
    Mar, 2013
    ・Graduation classification
Degrees acquired
  1. Master of Arts in Design
    ・Name of degree
    ・Name of awarding institution
    Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Denmark)
    ・Method of acquisition
    ・Date of acquisition
    June, 2016
  2. Graduate Diploma in Interior Design
    ・Name of degree
    Interior Design
    ・Name of awarding institution
    University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of Arts (UK)
    ・Method of acquisition
    ・Date of acquisition
    June, 2014
Employment history (Tama Art University)
  1. Tama Art University Faculty of Art and Design Department of Product and Textile Design Textile Design Course
    Part-time lecturer (Apr, 2022 -  )
Employment history (other)
  1. Okayama Prefectural University Assistant Professor (Apr, 2017 - Mar, 2022)
Research activities
Academic papers
  1. <Japanese>
    Design development by utilizing the characteristics of pre-scoured polyester crepe fabric of Kyo-Tango region, Japan [Bulletin of Higher Education and Liberal Arts and Sciences Research,Okayama Prefectural University, 6(1) (Feb, 2022) 41 - 50] Shioka Okamoto
    ・Type of publication
    Bulletin of University, Institute, etc
    ・Type of collaboration
    The simple work
    ・Field of study code (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research category)
Collaborative research theme
  1. Textile Design
    ・Organization of collaborative research
    It is determined uninstalled
    ・Possible Industry-academic collaboration
    It is determined uninstalled

Updated Oct 12, 2022

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