Teaching achievements and activities


mug shot
nakajima yusuke
Tama Art UniversityFaculty of Art and Design
Department of PaintingPrintmaking Course
Part-time lecturer
Short CV
Undergraduate education: university / department / major
  1. Waseda University・Faculty of Commerce
    ・Type of school
    ・Date of graduation
    Mar, 2003
    ・Graduation classification
Employment history (Tama Art University)
  1. Tama Art University Faculty of Art and Design Department of Painting Printmaking Course
    Part-time lecturer (Apr, 2018 -  )
Employment history (other)
  1. limArt Co., Ltd. Managing Director (Mar, 2012 -  )
  2. Tokyo Art Book Fair association Director (Apr, 2015 -  )
Research activities
Other research activities
  1. Book Case Study (July, 2016 -  )
    ・Type of research activity
    The book review
  2. MOMENTUM (Mar, 2014 - Mar, 2018)
    ・Type of research activity
    The book review
  3. chic (July, 2014 -  )
    ・Type of research activity
    The book review

Updated Mar 18, 2018

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