Teaching achievements and activities


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ARAKI Shinya
Tama Art University Faculty of Art and Design
Department of Product and Textile DesignTextile Design Course
Part-time lecturer
Short CV
Undergraduate education: university / department / major
  1. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music・Faculty of Fine Arts
    ・Type of school
    ・Date of graduation
    Mar, 2002
    ・Graduation classification
Graduate education: university / department / major
  1. The University of Tokyo・Graduate School, Division of Regional Culture
    ・Completion of course
    Doctor Course
    ・Date of completion
    Mar, 2010
    ・Completion classification
    Accomplished credits for doctoral program
Degrees acquired
  1. Master of Arts
    ・Name of degree
    Aesthetics/history of art
    ・Name of awarding institution
    ・Method of acquisition
    ・Date of acquisition
    May, 2008
Employment history (Tama Art University)
  1. Tama Art University  Faculty of Art and Design center of liberal arts
    Part-time lecturer (Apr, 2014 -  )
  2. Tama Art University  Faculty of Art and Design Department of Product and Textile Design Textile Design Course
    Part-time lecturer (Apr, 2014 - Mar, 2015)

Updated Mar 30, 2015

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