Teaching achievements and activities


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Tama Art UniversityFaculty of Art and Design
General Education
Part-time lecturer
Date of Birth Apr 09, 1981 / male
Short CV
Undergraduate education: university / department / major
  1. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies・Faculty of Foreign Language
    ・Type of school
    ・Date of graduation
    Mar, 2004
    ・Graduation classification
Graduate education: university / department / major
  1. The University of Tokyo・Graduate School, Division of General Culture
    ・Completion of course
    Doctor Course
    ・Date of completion
    Sep, 2012
    ・Completion classification
    Accomplished credits for doctoral program
Employment history (Tama Art University)
  1. Tama Art University Faculty of Art and Design General Education
    Part-time lecturer (Apr, 2014 -  )
Association/Committee membership
  1. The Japanese Association for American History (Apr, 2006 -  ) [JAPAN]
  2. The Japanese Association for American Studies (Nov, 2006 -  ) [JAPAN]

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Research activities
Academic papers
  1. <Japanese>
    Protecting Mexicans and Importing Braceros: Migration Policy and the Politics of Rights in Texas, 1941-1955 [American History, (37) (Aug, 2014) 79 - 99] Tasuku Todayama
    ・Type of publication
    Academic Journal
    ・Type of collaboration
    The simple work
    ・Field of study code (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research category)
Social activities
Official positions related to academic societies, art associations, and committees
  1. The Historical Science Society of Japan (May, 2008 - May, 2010)
  2. The Japanese Association for American History (Sep, 2011 -  )

Updated Sep 26, 2014

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