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Mitsumatsu Yukio
Tama Art UniversityFaculty of Art and Design
Department of Art Science
Part-time lecturer
2-1723 Yarimizu,Hachioji,Tokyo (Tama Art University, Hachioji Campus)
Short CV
Employment history (Tama Art University)
  1. Tama Art University Faculty of Art and Design Department of Art Science
    Part-time lecturer (Apr, 2011 -  )
Field of study (ReaD) *ReaD = Directory Database of Research and Development Activities
  1. Philosophy
  2. Aethetics (including Art)

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Research activities
Literary works
  1. <Japanese>
    Spiral, Life and Time [via wwalnuts library 8] [via wwalnuts (June, 2011)] mitsumatsu yukio
    ・Type of literary work
    ・Form of literary work
    The simple work
    ・Field of study code (Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research category)
    Philosophy/ethics, Aesthetics/history of art, Literature of various countries/theories of literature criticism

Updated Mar 22, 2017

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